We check the accuracy of the products with the 3D measuring arm ROMER Absolute Arm 7320. We use the Delcam Powerinspect program for evaluation. We measure both smaller parts in the range of the arm and large models, jigs.

According to the customer's requirements, we are able to supply a protocol of measuring the delivered product, a separate piece (gauge) or even the whole unit (welding jigs) to our products. We use the mobile measure arm Romer Absolute Arm 7320 for measuring. In the case of need we are able to transport this measure arm and do the control measuring at the customer´s place. It can be used when customer needs measure supplied tool, shape or position control. It is mainly in cases when tool is not working accorging to customer requirements. In that case we can measure whole tool and find out the deviations from CAD data.

Another possibility of using the measuring arm is for checking and setting individual positions and positions of parts. Of course, at the customer's request, we are also able to measure other types of tools and products that were not supplied by our company. Then is required CAD data of the product, tool or product, and to clarify what should be the outcome of the measurement. The price is determined on the basis of the measured part and the actions associated with it.